Snowy Forest

Total Energy


Integration - Deepening - Centering

In the hurry of daily life and in the face of obstacles and tragedies, we often become scattered and fragmented in our consciousness and awareness. This can manifest as simple conditions like an inability to focus, as a lack of progress in spiritual development or as deeper issues such as a profound lack of trust in life and others.


Energy re-balancing offers a chance to slow down and integrate the deeper currents of one’s life and restore what is missing on a subtle level, which has a salutary effect on one’s overall well-being and ability in life. Using techniques from several different traditions I will help you center yourself more deeply in life and become aware of energy movement in your body and environment. 


All healing work, whatever its nature, proceeds as it does in traditional societies. There's no fee, but I am a person with physical needs. It is generally understood that people will give what they can, in money, goods, or services.


I prefer to work in person but sometimes distance and scheduling constraints prevent this.  Total Energy Re-balancing work can be done in person or remotely. 

We can meet in the greater Asheville area for in-person work. We can either meet at my North Asheville location, or at your home.