Pebble Beach

Sacred Song

& Dance

The first form of prayer

Human beings naturally sing and dance their freedom, love, grief, worship and exaltation. In modern American culture dance and song have become almost entirely spectacles used to make money, not experience spirituality or concentrate energy. Many people feel shame and discomfort about singing and dancing, but that is not because they do not do it well. It is because they unconsciously recognize what they are really for and also because ecstasy of most kinds is repressed and discouraged by present-day society. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Together we will re-learn how to sing, and how to dance, along with the greater symphony of life.   


All healing work, whatever its nature, proceeds as it does in traditional societies. There's no fee, but I am a person with physical needs. It is generally understood that people will give what they can, in money, goods, or services.


I prefer to work in person but sometimes distance and scheduling constraints prevent this.  Sacred Song & Dance work can be done in person or remotely. 

We can meet in the greater Asheville area for in-person work. We can either meet at my North Asheville location, or at your home.