• Bruce Johnston

Enhancing Awareness

Our minds are actually incredibly deep places, and they extend far beyond the boundaries of our brains and craniums. One simple way to become aware of this is to sit quietly, close one’s eyes, and count to ten thousand. Don’t worry if you lose count by one or two or even ten. Just count to ten thousand. The whole process takes about ten minutes. Once you’ve done that, just sit in silence for a time. You will feel an enormous, spacious quiet inside yourself. You can actually live from that place most of the time, and it will give you a resolve and quiet that is very, very hard to shake.

Another exercise I particularly enjoy is the speaking or chanting of nonsense “words”. Just get in a place where you’re alone and begin to make sounds that are not words, but have meaning. “Scat” singers in blues music have done this for decades as a way to simply tune into the music without worrying about content. I have had very surprising things happen while doing this, but most of the time it leads to exultant chanting to the heavens in a spontaneous way.

Dimensions of every person exist that we’re not aware of most of the time. Life is indomitable even if every body displays fragility.

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