(Re) Connection

We belong outside

Nature - the face of God on Earth. People have turned to Her for guidance, inspiration and spiritual renewal throughout the ages for a reason. However, many modern people do not grow up nor exist in Her energy and embrace as they once did. This breeds a disconnection from physical reality as well as a loss of a sense of well-being and integration that was once, and still is, our birthright as biological creatures. I will, through exercises and time spent in natural places, aid you in recovering the balance and stillness necessary to truly “recover your senses”.


All healing work, whatever its nature, proceeds as it does in traditional societies. There's no fee, but I am a person with physical needs. It is generally understood that people will give what they can, in money, goods, or services.


Nature (Re) Connection  work can only be done in person. 

We can meet in the greater Asheville area at a location that suits us both.