Mountain Lake

Multi-dimensional Awareness Development

Remember your true nature

Our existence actually encompasses a great deal more than our bodies and brains. While scientific evidence, some of it quite good, certainly exists to support this point of view, in practice it has to be experienced before it can be believed with any certainty. I will show you how to become aware of dimensions of existence other than our 3-D reality and hold space for you to anchor this awareness in your daily life.


All healing work, whatever its nature, proceeds as it does in traditional societies. There's no fee, but I am a person with physical needs. It is generally understood that people will give what they can, in money, goods, or services.


I prefer to work in person but sometimes distance and scheduling constraints prevent this.  Multi-Dimensional Awareness Development work can be done in person or remotely. 

We can meet in the greater Asheville area for in-person work. We can either meet at my North Asheville location, or at your home.