Desert Dune

Aid Along

the Life-Path

Only walk alone if you have to

Following creative lifeways dedicated to something bigger than oneself usually takes support from at least a few key people in one’s life. While I certainly cannot and should not walk your path for you, I am willing to walk with you for a time as you gain sufficient spiritual and intellectual independence to go where you must. Perhaps the most open-ended of all my services, this really can look almost any way it needs to look. 


All healing work, whatever its nature, proceeds as it does in traditional societies. There's no fee, but I am a person with physical needs. It is generally understood that people will give what they can, in money, goods, or services.


I prefer to work in person but sometimes distance and scheduling constraints prevent this.  Aid Along The Life-Path work can be done in person or remotely. 

We can meet in the greater Asheville area for in-person work. We can either meet at my North Asheville location, or at your home.