Energy Healing for

Full-spectrum Wellbeing

With Bruce Johnston

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In the course of life, much happens that can shake our faith in life, people and ourselves. Injuries, illnesses, death, grief, misfortune - these things affect everyone in different and particular ways. Both joys and sorrows leave imprints.

In many places in the world it has been understood that people's spiritual "houses", to borrow a term from the writer Martin Prechtel, need to be "replastered" from time to time in order for them to become and stay functional, life-embracing people. Modern psychotherapy is a step in this direction, but nowhere near sufficient for most people in today's world, who are often carrying around deep burdens of grief and loss that can find no resting place. To make things worse, much of the world today tells a shallow, factually incorrect and spiritually murderous story of that disdains most emotions, urges people to ignore wisdom of all sorts, and has at its core an endless, entitled perspective that places us forever outside of life itself, trying to be its ruler than an aware, sensitive participant. The services I offer address this reality in several different but related ways.

While the services I perform and ways of existing I try my best to promote can't really be called shamanism in any deep sense, their fundamental premises - that everything's connected, that a right relationship with nature and spirit can heal many things, that a spiritual, deeply present way of life is better than the alternative - share a lot with that ancient art's understanding of the world, even though I doubt it's as refined as some variants thereof. It's an inspiration for me and one that I refer to constantly. It has helped me greatly. I invite you to find out if it can help you too.

"I've found my sessions with Bruce to be rich and productive. He has a steady, clear, grounded presence which allows the spaciousness necessary for something new to come through."

-Sara C., Black Mountain, NC